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What to do in case of wrong fuelling in the vehicle?

Be the one who survives in the bad situation of wrong fuelling

Wrong fuelling in vehicles is not a rare accident nowadays. There are hundreds of people who unintentionally fall into the bad situation of putting the wrong fuel in their vehicle. If you are suffering from the same, do you have any idea what you should have to do in this situation? One wrong step of yours could cost you up to thousands of bucks.

While suffering from a bad situation of wrong fuelling here is one more bad news for you that not any of your car insurance company or roadside assistance covers you for your loss. Yes, this is what we call a real problem. Well, there is no need to be worried as GMM1 wrong fuel assist is here in this hectic situation of wrong fuelling. However, you have to face what you accidentally did but GMM1 tries to help you overcome with minor loss of yours.

Petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol, which type of wrong fuel is worst?

No matter you put petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol tank; both situations are problematic and cause severe damages to the engine of your vehicle. Diesel is not just fuel but it also lubricates engines parts as well. While the wrong filling of petrol in a diesel engine not only just contaminates diesel but also dilutes it and finishes its greasy ability. Now what you have in your fuel tank is not a fuel anymore.

This is the time when engine parts start grinding with each other because of the high level of friction. This not only damages engine parts but small metallic particles of these engine parts mix with contaminated diesel and start flowing towards the engine and there it creates a severe disaster.

Now you have no option left, when you try to turn your engine off you face a not responding situation. Your vehicle’s engine does not stop working even if you turn it off. This is because of the thin contaminated fuel you have in the tank of your vehicle. This diluted fuel keeps flowing towards the engine even you turn it off.

Do you know what it means? It means that you should be ready for some huge engine-repairing bill. Because neither your diesel engine stop working nor small metallic particles stop flowing towards your vehicles filter pump, fuel pump and other engine parts. Now what you have left in your vehicle is not an engine anymore. Unfortunately, petrol in the diesel tank is such a big disaster.

While if you accidentally put diesel in the patrol car, it is not the as problematic case as you could face in the situation of petrol in the diesel tank. Diesel works vice versa in the petrol tank, it thickens the fuel a bit and in the result, your vehicle is not able to work anymore.

How to overcome the problem of wrong fuelling?

It is the most interesting question with the most disturbing answer which is, you have to pay a big amount for fuel draining or engine repairing if you have unfortunately fallen into a situation of wrong fuelling. If you think this is a piece of bad news you are wrong, what is coming next is actually worst.

Not any of your insurance company covers you for the innocent mistake of yours nor it is in the policy of your any roadside assistance. Yes, this is a real problem. However, you can get over by this hectic phase with less stress and loss of money by following a few informative tips. It is better to keep them in mind rather than to find replacement engines later.

  1. If you realize your mistake on early stage while putting the wrong fuel in vehicles tank, stop it immediately, contact fuel station staff, and tell them what you have done.
  2. Do not turn on the engine of your vehicle at all, it will keep contaminated fuel in fuel tank whereas if you start your engine, polluted fuel starts circulating all over the engine and causes severe damages.
  3. If you realize your mistake after some time while you drove a few miles away from the fuel station, probably it is the time when your engine starts creating problems and stops working. In that case, it is suggested to stop your car off-road and call your roadside assistance. Meanwhile, keep praying for short engine repairing bill.

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