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Wrong fuelling in vehicle and roadside assistance, how they deal with your engine?

What do I do now? I put the wrong fuel Added Wrong fuel in your car’s fuel tank? Petrol in Diesel or Ad Blue in your diesel car? Stop whatever you are doing and start pray that the wrong fuel do not damage your engine, kidding! Wrong fuelling of diesel in petrol tank or petrol […]

Diesel in Petrol or petrol in the diesel tank, both type of wrong fuelling could give you a tough time

No need to be worried about the bad time of wrong fuelling, stress doesn’t make things fine So, you have somehow added diesel in petrol vehicle because it is not that easy to push in the diesel nozzle into the petrol fuel tanks. The diesel nozzle has a bigger tip than the fuel tank neck […]

Hello, I mistakenly put wrong fuel in my car, what should I do now?

Adding wrong fuel or Wrong fuelling is not a big deal, but handling it with due care is a daunting Did you know! Wrong fuelling is one of the most common mistake drivers make in the UK? Including the government and state-owned fleets, emergency services, and civil services fleets and the common drivers, everyone makes […]

Diesel in Petrol – is it a serious problem?

Diesel in petrol tank not just cost u more than a new engine but also time taking process as well Wrong fuelling is a serious issue in any case but on the bases of the engine technology it becomes more serious luckily, adding diesel in petrol is comparatively a less worst error as compared to […]

Wrong fuelling is nothing less than a pure stress

Consequences and signs of wrong fuelling Wrong fuel is such a typical oversight nowadays, people with rental autos or one who change their vehicles regularly commit this sort of bumble. According to a report, there are right around 150,000 people consistently Wrong fuelling their vehicle’s tank with wrong fuel which implies in each 3 sec there […]

What Happens If You Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car?

Filling wrong fuel in your car could cost you up to thousands of bucks On the off chance that you were in a rush and you put the wrong fuel in your car that is not as irregular as you may suspect. You will be amazed to realize that it happens once at regular intervals […]

Wrong fuelling – a terrible mistake

Worthy tips to save your money and car engine in case of wrong fuelling You are among one of the fewest people if you still haven’t been a prey to wrong fuelling throughout your drive-time. This is due to the reason that lots of people make this mistake each year. According to a back of […]

What if I mistakenly fill the wrong fuel in my car? Any chance to overcome this bad situation?

How can I get over by accident of wrong fuelling in my car? No, you do not need to worry about your car engine because you are not alone in the UK who have made this mistake of adding wrong fuel to their car. There are more than 150,000 drivers in the UK who put […]

What to do in case of wrong fuelling in the vehicle?

Be the one who survives in the bad situation of wrong fuelling Wrong fuelling in vehicles is not a rare accident nowadays. There are hundreds of people who unintentionally fall into the bad situation of putting the wrong fuel in their vehicle. If you are suffering from the same, do you have any idea what […]

What to do in the event of wrong fuelling in a vehicle?

Be the person who gets by in the awful circumstance of wrong filling Wrong fuelling in vehicles is definitely not an uncommon mishap these days. There are many individuals who inadvertently fall into the awful circumstance of putting the wrong fuel in their vehicle. On the off chance that you are experiencing the equivalent, do […]