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I've Put AdBlue in Diesel Vehicle, What to Do Now?

Have you accidentally put in AdBlue in diesel car and you have started to panic, don’t worry and be stress free as all our AdBlue in diesel car engineers are fully trained to the best standard and can drain the AdBlue from your diesel engine. GMM1 has the latest and fastest AdBlue in diesel car draining system which allows our AdBlue in diesel experts to safely and quickly drain the AdBlue from your diesel car/vehicle’s engine.

How Long Does it Take to Drain AdBlue from Diesel Engine

AdBlue in diesel car engine drain and flush normally takes around 20-30 minutes which means our AdBlue in diesel car experts can have your car back on the road within 1 hour.

What to do when AdBlue goes into a Diesel Vehicle?

If you have put AdBlue in a diesel car, then you need to act quickly. It can cause havoc to your vehicle engine and journey. Every year around 150,000 people put the wrong fuel in their car which means a mistake happening somewhere in the UK every three and a half minutes, you are definitely not alone if you find yourself in trouble at the pump.

The damage to your car totally depends on the type of engine and whether the incorrect fuel has reached your car’s engine stream. Simply follow these simple steps to save your car/vehicle’s engine getting damaged.

Don’t Turn on Your Car

If you are at the fuel station and you have mistakenly put the wrong fuel in your car, it matters a lot. But wait, as far as we are with you, you need not to worry. The very first thing you need to do is not to turn your car on. By keeping the car entirely switched off, you maximize the chances of keeping the misfuelling continued in the tank where it can do less damage. If you start the engine, wrong fuel starts evolving in the engine. Hence the chances of expensive repair increases.

Even there are some modern car models that begin moving fuel around before the engine turns over. That’s why, it is really important to avoid even putting the key in the ignition switch. If you have an automatic car and if you want to take it some steps away as an emergency, even if it doesn’t move, but move it after selecting neutral and then push the car to a safe place.

What If you’ve Driven After Putting AdBlue in Diesel?

There are many drivers who put up the wrong fuel in their vehicle and notice while the filling process or instantly afterwards. Make it clear, if you have already resumed your journey before the penny drops, immediately pull over to some safe place and get the keys out from the ignition.

Now the point is that how to measure the strength and depth of damage? Well it depends on a variety of factors. But one thing is clear, as longer you run the engine, there are major chances that you may damage essential and expensive engine parts.

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