Wrong Fuel FAQs

If you have put wrong fuel in your vehicle, please don't panic and call GMM1 to get back on the road within no time. Before you give us a call, please have a read through our FAQ's to clear any confusion.

Don't start your vehicle to avoid damage to your engine, even if you have wrong fuelled your vehicle with a little bit of fuel. Push your car in neutral to a safe place and call GMM1.

If you have wrong fuelled your vehicle and then drove it, this can cause serious damage to your engine. It is of utmost importance to fuel drain the wrong fuel as soon you can so that the risk to your engine is minimised.

The more the contaminated fuel that goes into the system, the more expensive it will be to repair your car. It doesn't matter if you put diesel in a petrol engine or vice versa, you still need to call reliable roadside emergency fuel assistance.

Please contact your insurer for confirmation if they cover your insurance costs. However, the better thing to do is to cover the costs yourself to avoid an increase in your insurance premiums.

I've put petrol in my diesel car and have been told I can drive a long time, but that sadly is a myth because they actually mix directly as contact is made, creating a volatile mixture that can destroy your injectors and fuel pump costing thousands to correct.

If you misfuelled your vehicle at a service station, then it is unlikely any damage has occurred as long as the ignition isn't started. GMM1 can drain and flush the system to get you on your way again.

However, if the car has been driven, there is a potential for damage. In this case please call us for more information. We have a brilliant reputation for successfully draining and starting over 99% off all vehicles driven on the wrong fuel so we will get you going again.

Sometimes the damage to the vehicle is considerable and the vehicle doesn't start. In this case GMM1 has a 'no start no fee policy' which means we either get you back on the road or no pay and we will not charge you for any of the work done. Our qualified technicians will be with you within an hour to drain the fuel and get you back on the road.

The amount of wrong fuel that your vehicle can tolerate depends on the vehicle's manufacturer. Please check with your vehicle's manufacturer for confirmation. However, manufacturers recommend draining the wrong fuel immediately so that the engine doesn't get affected.

Please contact the hire company immediately. The rental agreement sets out the terms and conditions. Usually, the rental company arranges for the fuel drain company.

GMM1 has technicians and specialised equipment that is suitable and capable to remove the wrong fuel from any vehicle type.

GMM1 has professional and qualified technicians which cover the whole of London.