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Road Side EV Charging Service

Owning and driving an electric vehicle can be a pleasant experience as you are saving your money and the environment around you at the same time. However, if you run out of range during your journey with no charging facility nearby, it can turn into a nightmare. As with the vehicles supporting the normal combustion engine, it’s not a simple case of calling any roadside assistance company to come and put the fuel in and you can resume your journey again. You may require specialist roadside EV charging services that carry specialist equipment to recharge your vehicle enough so you can drive to the nearest charging point. GMM1 can provide all the help you may need in this process as we operate one of the largest roadside assistance fleets in the United Kingdom and our Mobile assistance vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art modern mobile electric vehicle charger that has the ability to charge your vehicle enough to drive to the nearest charging point. 

Helped by a high-output generator, our charging equipment is universal and can connect to all EVs currently in use in the United Kingdom. No matter what make or model of EV you drive, we are well-equipped to get your vehicle charged up for you to continue your journey.

We ensure that a 30–45-minute charge would deliver around a 15–20-mile range that would suffice to reach the nearest charging point. The range also depends on the type of EV you are driving as some EVs require additional time to gain such range.

Not only do we provide enough charging for your vehicle to get to the next charging point but our roadside assistance experts also pinpoint the nearest operational charging point once they are certain that your vehicle has received enough charging to reach that charging point.

We have a vast network of fully equipped roadside assistance vehicles always patrolling all over the United Kingdom and we have gradually introduced the EV charging boost facilities in most of our vehicles and plan to increase this number significantly. We aim to provide excellent quality services available around the clock and at affordable rates. We understand that it could be anxious to wait around with an out-of-juice EV mid-journey and we make every effort to provide every help possible at this time of need. All you need to do is to call [Number] and our nearest roadside assistance van could come and provide a charging boost to your vehicle so you can reach the nearest charging point.

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