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Wrong fuelling could be worst then road accident Misfuelling or wrong fuelling are both the names of the same thing. No matter how simple these words may appear, the practical occurrence of them can be a disaster. People tend not to give significant attention towards this aspect and thus end up putting the wrong fuel […]

An innocent mistake of wrong fuelling can cost you thousands of pounds A nice and interesting trip is much needed to enhance the self-esteem and gather the family again after a long span. But what happens if, due to a minor mistake, you stuck somewhere in an unknown place? Putting wrong fuel in your car […]

Misfueling is a costly mistake, here is what to do if you make this mistake Adding wrong fuel into your vehicle is not the end of the world and it is not a really an irreversible mistake at all but when things turn another way, it can be a bit costly indeed. Your error should […]

Good to get knowledge of wrong fuel to avoid engine damages Surely the wrong fuel is one of the bad experiences of car’s life. It is true that when this type of incident occurs, most of the people don’t know what it is. It is just because they are unaware of the situation. The car […]

Wrong fuelling and symptoms of wrong fuelling Wrong fuel is such a common mistake nowadays, people with rental cars or one who change their vehicles normally commit this type of blunder. As per a report, there are almost 150,000 people every year that fill their fuel tank with wrong fuel which means in every 3 […]

Emergency services are putting lives at risk by misfuelling ambulances Precious lives are being put at risk due to the negligence of ambulance crew because each year they are accidentally filling vehicles with wrong fuel. An investigation has revealed 769 incidents of ‘misfueling’ across the UK since 2012 which meant ambulances were out of action […]

Police cars were wrong fuelled nearly 300 times last year with a cost of more than £50,000 in repairs. Out of the UK’s 45 police forces, 33 admitted paying for repairs after putting wrong fuel with an average cost of £178 a time. The information was released under the Freedom of Information Act. What TaxPayers’ […]

Common mistake Filling wrong fuel in car tank is not an uncommon mistake people often do now a days. Most people who changed their cars often do this type of mistake. There is no need to panic if you fell into this horrible situation because you are not alone. A lot of people have made […]

Contents What Happens If You Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car? Petrol in a Diesel vs Diesel in Petrol Cars Can I Ignite the Engine If I Have Wrong Fueled my Car? What Can Happen If I’ve Driven? What should I do If I’ve Misfuelled my Car? How to get Wrong Fuel Drained? How […]