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How to survive after mistakenly fill wrong fuel in a vehicle? An innocent but terrible mistake which could cost you thousands of bucks It isn’t always true that if you are grown up then you can’t be wrong or commit mistakes. Few mistakes will be worst and not just provide you with stress like hell […]

Worthy words to get over the situation of filling wrong fuel, either it is diesel in petrol or petrol in diesel tank Who is living a stress-free life now? People think that they are the only person who suffers from worries and stress, but in reality, everyone has a busy routine and schedule. We are […]

You can handle the hectic situation of filling petrol in diesel tank easily, don’t be panic Unusually, motoring companies say another unfortunate motorist in the UK fill the wrong fuel of petrol in diesel tank in every three to four minutes. If this never happened to you, you would be grateful, but pay attention to […]

Avoid filling wrong fuel in your vehicle tank and save thousands of buck Sometimes this does not happen until your vehicle breaks down at the petrol station area, or it stops when you exit the pump thinking you have refuelled your car with the wrong fuel. It can be frustrating and often an expensive experience. […]

Worthy words to get over the hectic situation of filling wrong fuel in your vehicle Who said that you can’t commit mistakes or blunders if you grow up? Some mistakes are because of ignorance while few are because of your distraction and will cost you a lot more than you think. Filling your vehicle with […]

A guideline for those who fell into the bad situation of filling wrong fuel in their vehicles Improper fuelling of vehicles is not a rare accident these days. There are hundreds of people who accidentally fall into the bad situation of putting the wrong fuel in their vehicle. If you are in the same mess, […]

Words which will help you after filling wrong fuel in your vehicle Wrong fuelling is common, you might think. According to the Automobile Association, 150,000 people in the UK are constantly running out of fuel, meaning people are refuelling their vehicle tanks with the wrong fuel and face its consequences. Filling wrong fuel usually happens, […]

Useful Tips to Tackle the problem of wrong Fuelling Almost every driver is familiar with the sinking feeling of putting the wrong fuel in their vehicle. According to statistics every 3 minutes, a driver in UK commits the mistake of wrong fuelling in his vehicle weather its petrol in diesel car or diesel in petrol […]

Not a normal thing but there are so many driver who also mistakenly fill wrong fuel in their vehicles If you have a car, it should know about engine maintenance, brake and gear oil checks, car cleaning and overall maintenance. Periodic inspections should be done for car maintenance. Do you know of any other subject […]

Things you should keep in mind in the odd situation of wrong fuelling Almost all over the world wrong fuelling is a common mistake these days, people with rental cars or people changing their vehicles usually make this kind of a mess. According to one report, every year 150,000 people fill their fuel tanks with […]