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This is why diesel in petrol tanks damages the system and the car stops running A mistake of filling the wrong fuel in the tank of your car can prove lethal if you fail to realise it soon. Fuel is used by mechanical parts of a car to produce energy and run it, so damage […]

Diesel is not inflammable like petrol, so petrol in a tank could cause serious problems Sometimes mistakes could cost you greatly, and the wrong fuel could be one such blunder. Wrong fuel means petrol in a diesel engine car tank or diesel in a petrol engine car tank. These two fuels originate from the same […]

It is common when you are on a foreign trip and rent a vehicle  Fuelling a car with petrol is a routine job and drivers normally do not make any mistakes, but incidents of wrong fuelling are also reported in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. It happens due to various reasons but negligence and less […]

The car fuel tank opening has been designed to fit the right kind of nozzle A blunder of wrong fuel can be made by anyone. It is a mistake committed due to the negligence and inattentiveness of the driver. People just forget the type of fuel required to run the engine of their car and […]

Car fuel tank opening also differs, and with so many signals to alert a person filling fuel, the person persists in making the mistake While fuelling the tank of a car, attention must be given to the type of fuel because the wrong fuel can cause serious damage to mechanical parts of the vehicle. It […]

Many signs intimate you about the kind of fuel filling in the tank People fill fuel in car tanks and they hardly think of wrong fuelling but it happens. Engines are built to use particular fuel for producing energy so wrong fuel in their system results in malfunctioning or no functioning at all. When a […]

This is why driver needs to be more conscious when car belongs to others Whenever one is using self-service, this mistake has a higher chance to occur. Petrol in diesel tank or diesel in a petrol tank is a highly damaging action which can lead to losing more of your money. So being careful is […]

This is why driver needs to be more conscious when car belongs to others It is hard to believe that someone filled the wrong fuel in the car but it happens and many such incidents are reported in the United Kingdom. People now are much occupied with other things that they commit such mistakes. In […]

When you travel to some foreign country and do not know the language then you can commit this mistake Putting the wrong fuel in a car fuel tank is now frequently reported and this could be the reason for less focus on this task. There are generally two types of power units, using petrol or […]

Wrong fuelling is disastrous for an engine Filling wrong fuel in a car seems impossible but can be committed by anyone due to negligence. Wrong fuelling can be disastrous for the engine and costs replacement of the same. Engines use either petrol or diesel as fuel to produce power and if wrong fuel is filled […]