24hrs Emergency Mobile Fuel Drain Service

When you travel to some foreign country and do not know the language then you can commit this mistake Putting the wrong fuel in a car fuel tank is now frequently reported and this could be the reason for less focus on this task. There are generally two types of power units, using petrol or […]

Wrong fuelling is disastrous for an engine Filling wrong fuel in a car seems impossible but can be committed by anyone due to negligence. Wrong fuelling can be disastrous for the engine and costs replacement of the same. Engines use either petrol or diesel as fuel to produce power and if wrong fuel is filled […]

You can avoid this Problem Now a day we frequently hear about the wrong fuelling problem though it can be avoided easily. People driving their cars are less likely to commit this mistake whereas when you drive someone else car then the chances of this mistake become higher. People take cars on rent when going […]

Draining the wrong fuel as soon as possible might save you from the trouble of fixing or replacing it Anyone may make mistakes, and it is best to recognise them as soon as possible so that they can be corrected before they cause major difficulties and widespread devastation. Wrong fuelling is one of them, and […]

It is just hurriedness that keeps you ignorant of your mistake and cost also increases People fill fuel tanks of their cars with due care but wrong fuelling also happen. This is the kind of mistake that may lead to serious consequences. The worst outcome could be the replacement of the engine and it is […]

People have become busier and sometimes they are preoccupied due to some reasons and commit this mistake of wrong fuelling Filling fuel in a car is a routine matter and people do not think that it can be done wrongly. But it happens and can cost as much as an engine replacement. The fuel of […]

Car manufacturers try to stop it from happening by differentiating the tank opening Car engines use two different types of fuel petrol and diesel. If you mistakenly fill petrol in diesel engine car or diesel in petrol engine car then it is wrong fuelling. People fill wrong fuel in their cars and cause damage to […]

The best thing after filling wrong fuel in your car fuel tank is to realize it at the earliest Wrong fuel in a car tank is just like any other mistake, people commit due to a number of reasons. It is very dangerous for a car engine and fuel injection pump. You can keep disaster […]

It is obvious that putting the wrong fuel in your car would result in expensive costs because it is a costly mistake In the United Kingdom, one driver puts diesel in a petrol car every three and a half minutes, and similarly, petrol in a diesel car every three and a half minutes. In certain […]

When you are driving someone else’ car then chances of filling petrol in diesel tank can be higher Cars need the right fuel for the right kind of performance. If wrong fuel is filled in the tank then the engine would be affected and you have to face consequences. Mistake of filling petrol in diesel tank […]