24hrs Emergency Mobile Fuel Drain Service

No need to be worried about the bad time of wrong fuelling, stress doesn’t make things fine So, you have somehow added diesel in petrol vehicle because it is not that easy to push in the diesel nozzle into the petrol fuel tanks. The diesel nozzle has a bigger tip than the fuel tank neck […]

Diesel in petrol tank not just cost u more than a new engine but also time taking process as well Wrong fuelling is a serious issue in any case but on the bases of the engine technology it becomes more serious luckily, adding diesel in petrol is comparatively a less worst error as compared to […]

An innocent mistake of filling diesel in petrol tank, which cost you more than money All mistakes has cost, few cost you with cash and a few take your mental peace while wrong fuelling of is one of those errors who could cost you with both, no matter you fill diesel in petrol or petrol […]

An innocent mistake of wrong fuelling can cost you thousands of pounds A nice and interesting trip is much needed to enhance the self-esteem and gather the family again after a long span. But what happens if, due to a minor mistake, you stuck somewhere in an unknown place? Putting wrong fuel in your car […]