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Our Major Services


Fuel assist

24/7 wrong fuel assistance available by our vans.


Breakdown & Recovery

We also offer mobile mechanics and breakdown recovery services.



Engine diagnostics service by the most modern equipment.

Petrol in Diesel Engine or Vice Versa

Have you ever put the wrong fuel in your car? If the answer is yes than you are not alone and there is no need to feel embarrassed. Over 150,000 drivers put the wrong fuel in their car every year across the UK, that’s one every four minutes. GMM1 has specially trained wrong fuel recovery fuel engineers who can drain the wrong fuel from your car’s fuel tank, and get your car back on the road again. Whether you have misfiled a petrol engine with diesel or put petrol in a diesel vehicle, GMM1 is here to help.

We cover all London & Surrounding Areas

Whatever reason, wherever the location, GMM1 can help you at the cheapest online fuel drain services. GMM1 has a support team of fuel technicians who are here to help 24/7, 365 days a year if you have mistakenly put the wrong fuel in your car/vehicle. Call us any time as we cover all areas in London and M25. You can call our friendly advisors too if you need advice.

Wrong Fuel Fix for Cars, Vans, Trucks

Our wrong fuel experts are fully certified to fix the mis-fueling problem in any type of vehicle. Whether it’s a van, truck or you have put the wrong fuel in your car, our mechanics are fully equipped, trained and certified to drain the wrong fuel from your vehicle and get you going within a minimum amount of time.

Experienced Fuel Engineers you can trust

Trust GMM1 to look after your car/vehicle by using our years of experience as we have drained thousand of cars and other vehicles. GMM1 is up-to-date with the newest developments and technologies, such as high pressure diesel injection, which may need a specialised flush. Simply call us where ever you are in London and our highly trained engineers will perform a safe and complete fuel drain at your location.

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24 hour mobile fuel drain service

Our AdBlue in Diesel Services

Our Petrol in Diesel Services

Our Drain Petrol from Diesel Services

CALL US ON - 0333 577 7131

24 hour mobile fuel drain service

Our Unleaded in Diesel Services

Our Wrong Fuel Services

Our Drain Diesel from Petrol Services

CALL US ON - 0333 577 7131

24 hour mobile fuel drain service

Our Diesel in Petrol Services

Our Misfuelling Services

Our Fuel Drain Services