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A mix-up which cost you more than a main part of the cash Each mix-up has its cost, few cost you with cash and a few take your psychological harmony while wrong fuelling is one of those mix-ups who could cost you with both. It could clearly cost you with a great deal of cash […]

What Wrong Fuelling actually is? You are very lucky if you still haven’t encountered wrong fuelling during the drive-time. Be that as it may, the towering majority of drivers run into this catch-22 at least once in life. What’s turn up for the books is the fact that well-nigh 150,000 UK motorists fill their tank […]

Fuel be the rudimentary requirement of Vehicle Fuel is the food of a vehicle’s engine. Efficient performance of the engine for a long time can only be expected after filling your car’s fuel tank with a pure and clear fuel. If the fuel is not pure, then expecting a good mile average is just a […]

A Collapse of Engine can occur by putting the wrong fuel Pouring petrol in a diesel tank is particularly easy. Erroneously putting diesel into a petrol tank is also possible. What troubles most, is how you react. Here are some precautionary measures on the off chance you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle. […]

The disastrous act of wrong fuelling in a Vehicle is just common Putting wrong fuels i.e. petrol in a diesel tank or diesel in a petrol tank can be a costly mistake if you attempt to drive the vehicle. Filling wrong fuel in car tank is a common mistake that people do a lot nowadays. […]

Petrol in Diesel or Diesel in Petrol, both can destroy your engine Wrong Fuelling, as the name depicts, is the curse that can lead to a complete engine failure. The increasing cases of incorrect fuelling are directly connected to the increase in diesel-based cars. Before we move on to the hazards of wrong fuelling, let’s […]

Don’t panic if you have put the wrong fuel in your car! Wrong fuelling means putting the wrong type of fuel in your car either petrol in a diesel engine or diesel in a petrol engine. Putting wrong fuel in the car is a pretty common mistake that motorist make. Just about 150,000 motorists all […]

Wrong fuelling could be worst then road accident Misfuelling or wrong fuelling are both the names of the same thing. No matter how simple these words may appear, the practical occurrence of them can be a disaster. People tend not to give significant attention towards this aspect and thus end up putting the wrong fuel […]

Good to get knowledge of wrong fuel to avoid engine damages Surely the wrong fuel is one of the bad experiences of car’s life. It is true that when this type of incident occurs, most of the people don’t know what it is. It is just because they are unaware of the situation. The car […]

Wrong fuelling and symptoms of wrong fuelling Wrong fuel is such a common mistake nowadays, people with rental cars or one who change their vehicles normally commit this type of blunder. As per a report, there are almost 150,000 people every year that fill their fuel tank with wrong fuel which means in every 3 […]