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I Fill My Vehicle Tank With Wrong Fuel, Anybody Can Help Me?

Wrong fuelling might be miserable, but you can get over easily

Was I gone mad? What did I do? How could a normal person commit such a stupid mistake of filling the wrong fuel in its vehicle?

Excuse me, don’t be panic, please. In every three and a half minute, there is a driver near or far in the UK committing the same mistake and saying the same words to itself. Rather be panic, you should know what exactly you have to do in this critical situation.

There are two types of wrong fuelling, diesel in petrol tank and petrol in a diesel tank. Both are harmful and could cost you more than thousands of buck if you do not take it seriously. Here I tell you how wrong fuelling effects and cause harm to your engine and what to do if you, unfortunately, fell into such circumstances.

Petrol in a diesel tank

Petrol is comparatively light fuel than diesel is. By mistake, if you fill petrol in diesel tank your fuel tank contains contaminated thin fuel. Quantity of wrong fuel in your fuel tank means a lot. If you fill a few litres of petrol in a diesel tank it is suggested to fill the remaining tank with diesel. With this, you will cover it up with no serious disaster. However, the ratio of fuel should be 2:18. 2 litres of petrol in 18-litre diesel mix properly and do not cause any damage.

You will face excessive smoke from exhaust pipe for a few days but everything will be fine when you fill diesel frequently for weeks. But if you put mistakenly more petrol in a diesel tank, it is a serious issue now. Diesel isn’t just a fuel for its engine but works as a lubricant for its engine parts.

When it loses its lubricious ability, engine parts start grinding with each other. Thin fuel and lubricate start circulating small metallic particles of engine parts throughout the engine and start damaging fuel pipes, fuel filters and engine also. To avoid huge repairing bill, it is suggested to not to start your vehicle at any cost.

Diesel in a petrol tank

On the other side, if you are living your extreme bad day and fill your petrol tank with diesel, there is so much trouble waiting for you. Diesel act vice versa in petrol, it does not just thicken it but this polluted fuel not able to pass through the filter for so long.

But a few minutes are enough to ruin your engine completely. In such a scenario there isn’t any chance of escape and survival. Once you start your engine within a minute your vehicle stop with dense smoke and weird smell of burning oil.

Ok gotcha, but what to do now?

If you are reading this article while suffering the bad time of wrong fuelling, probably you hate me for what you read instead of guidance you are looking for. Don’t worry, here are a few tips which will help you.

If you realise your mistake while filling the wrong fuel in your vehicle, stop it immediately and contact the gas station workers. Ask them to push your vehicle aside from the driveway and contact the wrong fuel assistance. Keep it in mind during all this time don’t even think about turning your engine on.

On the offside, if you don’t realise it and start driving your vehicle and after few miles your car or truck stop with a lot of smoke and smell along with the heated engine, it is time to pray for short repairing bill. Call your roadside assistance and tell them about the situation. Keep it in mind that not all insurance companies provide cover for wrong fuelling.

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