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Wrong fuelling in vehicles is a common mistake nowadays

Wrong fuelling of petrol in diesel tank though not much harmful but still you need to be ready for some big repairing bill

Putting the wrong fuel in your car can be a costly mistake if you drive it after wrong fuelling. You can save yourself from any costly repairs if you follow this guide on the wrong fuel. They somehow do both things, even the nozzle sizes are different on both diesel and petrol fuel stations.

Insane as it sounds to be. If you have not made this mistake ever in your driving history, hats off to you but do not judge those unfortunate drivers who commit this mistake and put petrol in a diesel car or vice versa and then drive it to some certain distance to ruin it to the maximum level.

These kinds of mistakes usually made due to the distraction on the fuel stations, tiredness, and stress or even the drivers made these mistakes because of previous vehicles fuel addiction.

Anyone out of us can join the statistics and could end up with the heavy repairing costs. Be very careful on every trip to the fuel station.

If you have driven with petrol in your diesel, don’t panic!

Now to some extent you knew that putting petrol in diesel is dangerous for your vehicle and you knew that it is even dangerous if you try to drive your vehicle with the wrong fuel.

It is important to not to drive your vehicle with the wrong fuel in its tank is dangerous and it cannot be guaranteed that how many major parts would be damaged due to bad fuel circulation into the system.

There are many cases in which drivers mistakenly start and drive their vehicles with wrong fuel and face heavy loss. And then they call wrong fuel roadside assistance for help but it was too late. When contaminated fuel starts circulation in your vehicle’s system it causes many damages. It ruins your fuel filters, valves of the engine and many more. To avoid big trouble it is suggested to not to drive don’t even turn your car’s engine on, as in some cars fuel start circulating by just turning its engine on.

However, using a diesel vehicle with petrol in the fuel tank will cause serious and costly damage in quite a quick order, and the cost of extensive repair will not be valued as minor. Though, if you don’t hear unusual noise it doesn’t mean your car engine accept wrong fuel. It cost you a big amount after a few days.

If luckily you realise your mistake on the spot and do not start or drive your vehicle, it would be just fuel draining which would be quite enough for you. But if with the bad luck you start or drive your vehicle, pray for a small repairing bill. Because in such a situation you are going to pay a big amount.

Petrol in your diesel car: Our 5 top tips

  1. Stop driving immediately: If you’ve just started and only put in a small amount of petrol, stop there and then, you are still able to go with it. Now fill your tank with diesel to make its ratio of 95:5 diesel: petrol. Some experts believe that less than 5 per cent petrol in your diesel can be neglected.
  2. Inform the filling station attendants: if you would inform the filling station attendants, they would take it in their stride and ask for the help. They know it happens to unfortunate drivers all the time. It would be good if you do not move your car from there, but they ask to move your vehicle away from the station, ask them to give you hand in pushing the vehicle away. Remember just turn the key to unlock the steering. Do not try to start the engine.
  3. Call wrong fuel roadside assistance: usually, the fuel station attendant has contact details of wrong fuel roadside assistance. Do not be stressed at all because it won’t help you to get over this bad situation.
  4. Wait with the car until parked safely: it takes 30 to 40 minutes to drain and flush the fuel tank and then you can fill up again. I hope that with the correct fuel this time and drive your vehicle safely.

Lock the car and leave it if you can’t wait: simply lock your car with the central locking system and leave your car because operating the locking system won’t affect your fuel system at all. Now you can wait somewhere else for the fuel assist services to arrive and operate.

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