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Wrong Fuelling in Vehicles is nothing much but worst nightmare

A Collapse of Engine can occur by putting the wrong fuel

Pouring petrol in a diesel tank is particularly easy. Erroneously putting diesel into a petrol tank is also possible. What troubles most, is how you react. Here are some precautionary measures on the off chance you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle.

The first thing that demands the immediate action is to take out the keys from the ignition, do not try to start the vehicle. In doing so it can cause everlasting destruction can be costly.

Then try to reach a safe location by putting the vehicle in neutral and if you’re still at the fuel station, ask their staff if they help you to push the automobile.

Call any Fuel Assist Service who reach your location instantly. They will drain out the wrong fuel and fill it with the right one.

Consequences to face by pouring petrol into a diesel tank

Petrol spouts can fit into most contemporary diesel filter necks without troubling. This results in an increased possibility to make the mistake of putting petrol into a diesel tank. More significantly, putting petrol into a diesel tank causes more mutilation.

That’s because diesel actions as a lubricant, assisting the fuel pump to do its work. Petrol, on contrary, causes the reverse to happen. In point of fact, it increases friction between parts in the diesel engine. And that can never be worthy news for an engine. So the more petrol that gets pumped through your diesel fuel system, the more destruction it will cause.

Common rail (or HDi) diesel engines are predominantly vulnerable to damage from misfiling. If the damage is far-reaching, you would have to replace fuel pumps, injectors, pipes, filters, fuel tank and even a whole new replacement engine. That’s not fair!

petrol in diesel car

Petrol in a Diesel Car

Penalties of putting Diesel into a Petrol Vehicle

The diesel pump nozzle is substantially larger than most petrol filler necks, reducing the chances of petrol being poured into a diesel vehicle. In addition to this, the drawbacks of putting diesel in a petrol engine are not as severe as that of putting petrol into a diesel engine.

Diesel and petrol are ignited by two entirely opposite methods. Diesel needs to be compressed to ignite. Petrol, on the other hand, is ignited by a spark produced by the spark plugs. When diesel is put inside a petrol engine, the most common result is that it chokes up the spark plugs and fuel system which results in not starting the vehicle, consequently, the risk of damage to engine goes to minimal.

Therefore, the hitches of putting diesel in the petrol tank are far less.

How to avoid wrong fuelling? Need not to be Panic!

The finest way to avoid wrong fuelling? Definitely, you should always fill your tank with the right fuel. But it is easier to say than to do. Here, a few things are described that if kept in mind, you will be able to reduce the risk of falling foul to mishaps at the petrol stations:

Accurately Read the Fuel grade Indicator

You should not only rely on the colour of the spout before filling up. Correctly read the label of the trigger and fuel grade indicator. This will help you to recognize whether it’s petrol or diesel.

Leaving Reminders in automobiles, to minimise the risk of wrong fuelling

In case you have just purchased a new car, with a different fuel engine to your preceding car, leave yourself reminders in the car to reduce the risk of you reaching for the wrong pump. This is a temporary way, once you have made up the mind, there will be no need of it any more.

Diesel in Petrol Car

Diesel in Petrol Car

Get your entire Focus on the refuelling

When you drive into a fuel station, give up the ghost to distractions and just focus. It takes hardly two minutes to refuel. So, put your cell phone away and give your whole attention to the task you are performing.

Avoid Refuelling in the restless mood

Ups and downs are a part of life and worries and cares cannot be parted. But it is suggested that if you are in a hurry or you are hungry or anxious, your mind is definitely somewhere else.

This increases the chances of slipping up. Take your time and then make up your mind to fill your vehicle’s tank.

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