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Diesel in Petrol or petrol in the diesel tank, both type of wrong fuelling could give you a tough time

No need to be worried about the bad time of wrong fuelling, stress doesn’t make things fine

So, you have somehow added diesel in petrol vehicle because it is not that easy to push in the diesel nozzle into the petrol fuel tanks. The diesel nozzle has a bigger tip than the fuel tank neck on petrol vehicles.

Anyways, if you have done so, do not worry, your engine won’t die at all, simply give some attention to the signs of diesel in petrol. The most common signs to identifying whether there’s diesel in petrol are as follows. The engine is Misfiring and you are feeling power loss on the heavy throttle or sudden throttle.

  • The engine unable to start suddenly after refuelling
  • The engine cuts out again and again when you just left the fuel station
  • There is too much smoke on the exhaust while you’re driving

All these signs lead to miss-fuelling and it is diesel in your petrol tank.

What to do if you mistakenly fill your tank with the wrong fuel?

So you’ve put diesel in petrol, no matter how you’ve miss-fuelled because it was not that easy but you have done it, it means you can do anything difficult and you love to accept challenges. Call roadside assistance so that they quickly drain the wrong fuel out of your fuel tank and clean the fuel delivery system.

All this process from calling us to getting back on the road won’t take you more than 45 to 60 minutes. All well-known roadside wrong fuel assistance have mobile wrong fuel repair services and have state of the art mobile workshops with the latest technology, equipment for most modern cars and expertise to serve you professionally.

If you have added diesel in your petrol car, do not start your vehicle, but if you have started driving, there is still nothing to worry about, simply pull aside and turn your engine off. The expert technical staff of your wrong fuel roadside assistance will handle it and clear the situation on the spot.

A mobile mechanic will drain the wrong fuel out of your car and clean the fuel delivery system and will add enough correct fuel in your vehicle to reach the fuel station again.

Diesel in the Petrol Car Engine? A Guide to Your Options

If you put a few pints of diesel in your petrol car and looking to fill up the tank with petrol as a quick fix, do not do it at all, because the diesel will damage your vehicle until the tank won’t go empty next time. Call wrong fuel repair services and get your fuel tank drained and cleaned on the spot.

If you have not started your vehicle yet, the remedy would be draining the wrong fuel, don’t need to do anything else. If you find yourself fortunate enough simply call the experts and they will get it to fix for you. If you should not worry, you would be OK because diesel in petrol is not a big deal at all, it won’t kill your engine like petrol in diesel or unleaded in diesel does.

Diesel is something which ignites with the compression and petrol ignites with the spark, thus the difference of functions would save you here, and there is no such part or devices in the petrol delivery which can get damaged because of diesel flow in them.

Thus if you have miss-fuelled, it would be OK with the wrong fuel roadside assistance services. In 99.99 per cent cases, only wrong fuel drain and flushing work to retune the system and restore the car to the road.

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