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Problems of Putting Diesel in Petrol Car and Tips to Avoid Wrong Fuel Issues

Save your engine and money by informative words in the bad time of putting diesel in petrol car

Life has become so fast that almost everyone is entangled in his hectic engagement physically as well as mentally. There is even no single iota in saying that we are engaged in some activity but at the same time our mind is engrossed in some other happening associated with us. Furthermore, our mercuric nature also adds into it a lot as we are always in a bit hurry and sometimes our attitude puts us in serious threat.

Same is the case of putting diesel in petrol car when we, without concentration, opt to get wrong fuel in our precious car resulting not only spoilage of our time but also detrimental loss to the car. So care should always be taken to avoid this. So this is the outcome of moment’s distraction, tiredness, stress, or even plain old forgetfulness when such mishap incidents occur of the wrong fuel.

Truly speaking, this is the mistake which is done not deliberately but by chance. Although, both are injurious to your car; whether you get petrol in your diesel car or diesel in petrol car. But the experts say that putting petrol in a diesel car is a graver act. By this, after having petrol in a diesel car, when you start the car, the car engine will circulate mixed fuel throughout the engine. And definitely, a car engine is affected but it is also a reality that it does not happen all that often because the diesel pump nozzles are larger than petrol fuel necks.

Problems Encountered When You Use Diesel as Fuel in Petrol Car

  • You are not all alone in putting diesel in a petrol car and such incidents happen occasionally but the issue is how you to treat it instantly, instead of running your car with the wrong fuel.
  • The efficiency of driving a petrol car with diesel would be very poor.
  • The fuel lines, injectors and filters of car system might congest.
  • As mentioned earlier that diesel is designed on the principle of self-ignition in a diesel car in which engine temperature and pressure cause to ignite the engine. Hence cylinders of the engine in petrol car would never create conducive temperature desired to ignite the diesel.
  • The timing cycle and linings of the cylinder could have an irreparable loss if you drive the petrol car with diesel fuel up to the considerable distance.
  • Try to bring your car safely, by towing, to some safer place or garage.
  • Better, to search on the internet about the companies dealing with the issue of the wrong fuel.
  • Luckily, if you are protected with some sort of insurance about wrong fuel, then before going ahead, instantly call the concerned insurance representative who could solve your problem,
  • You may have smoke emitting from the exhaust but this is not to worry as leftover diesel traces behaves like this and situation will be quite normal after the complete removal of diesel droplets in the system.
  • Promptly, instead of driving the car, come at a halt and call some responsible car mechanic who is well versed in handling the issue of the wrong fuel.
  • To have safety measures, it would be appropriate not to ignite the car because this would accelerate the wrong fuel entirely into the car engine.
  • It should be kept in mind that in case of wrong fuel, almost 30 to 60 minutes would be needed for draining the contaminated fuel, cleaning, and refilling right fuel i.e. petrol.

Tips to Avoid Wrong Fuel Issues

This is also to be noted that putting diesel into a petrol car, is not so much injurious, as, by its chemical structure, diesel before ignition needs compression. Now let us have a look at some instant actions needed in this regard:

  • Have fitted a diesel fuel cap on your fuel neck to deter any confusion.
  • Turn off the car engine and remove the key from the ignition.
  • Intimate the pump station officials about this.
  • If your car is ensured, then tow it to some safe place or your garage.
  • Be attentive while fuelling.
  • Pick the right fuel from the filling station.
  • Get the help of a professional technician in case of some problem.
  • Get affixed a diesel fuel cap on the fuel neck of the car as petrol nozzles cannot be fitted then here.
  • Consult your car manual to know which fuel your car needs.
  • Best to inform, to whom you are selling your car, about the kind of fuel the car need.

You must be very vigilant while fuelling into your car. Furthermore, there are some labels on the fuel tank opening cover. If you find a circle, it will be an indication of petrol that your car is petrol-based while if you notice the square, then it will be a sign of diesel. You will also notice some letters identifying the fuel type explain which renewable fuel is going to be put into the car. E specifies ethanol, and B specifies bio-diesel. Likewise, some numbers are also affixed which are for the percentage of the fuel mixture. E5 is a symbol that this fuel has 5% ethanol while B7 represents that this diesel has 7% ethanol.

It would be worthwhile to look at the chemical nature of petrol and diesel so that we could have a clear distinction about the damages about wrong fuels. Usually, petrol has 5-15 carbon atoms while diesel is less refined and has 20 or more carbon atoms. Similarly, diesel is designed on the principle of self-ignition, so in diesel cars in which engine temperature and pressure cause to ignite the engine whereas petrol is lacking self-ignition due to blending. Petrol can only be ignited by a spark plug. It becomes quite clear that neither petrol can be used in diesel car nor diesel can be used as fuel in a petrol car. Eventually, to fuel petrol car with diesel could hurt engine efficiency. And in severe cases, this wrong fuel leads to engine damage.

It can be concluded that though the issue of wrong fuel, in case of diesel in a petrol car, is not so severe, yet you have to have great care, even then. To resolve the issue contact the experienced technician who could solve your problem expertly because there are chances that fuel tank, injectors, valve seats, catalytic converter, fuel pump and valve guides might be damaged. Hence, the services of a skilled mechanic would be needed to resolve the issue completely. That is why it is well said by Dutch Philosopher Desiderius Erasmus that Prevention is better than cure.

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