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Wrong Fuelling, from innocent mistake to disaster

What are?

A machine, capable of converting one form of energy to mechanical energy is an engine. This mechanical energy might be used for pulling carts, uplifting objects or doing any sort of mechanical work.

Engines, usually use fuels as powering agents in them. Fuels are burnt into the engines as per their types and the heat produced by that combustion is utilized in driving mechanical vehicles by creating pressure.

Two major types of fuel engine cars are:

  1. Diesel Engine Cars   2. Petrol Engine Cars

Diesel Engine Cars vs Petrol Engine Cars

Wrong fuel Assist

Wrong fuel Assist

The difference is simply that any car that burns petrol fuel is called petrol engine car while a car that has a combustion chamber designed for diesel fuel is called a diesel engine car.

Both diesel and petrol engine cars have combustion chambers to burn fuel internally and in the result, energy is released to be used as work. The major difference between the two types of car engines is the way in which the fuel burns in them.

In petrol engine car, petrol is mixed with air and ignited by the spark plug and then compressed by pistons. On the other hand side, in the combustion chamber of diesel engine air is compressed first and diesel is mixed afterwards.  Air gets hotter when compressed by pistons, thus ignition starts on injecting diesel in hotter air.

The diesel engine is more powerful and in usual it utilizes 4 stroke process, hence more powerful as it produces greater torque.  The petrol engine is capable of moving at high speed as a result of low torque.

Right Fuel for the Right Car Engine


Wrong fuel damage

Wrong fuel damage

As discussed above each type of engine requires the relevant type of fuel in it. High powered automobile engines cannot run on petrol and low powered engines are designed to run on petrol.

Right fuel for the right engine can be understood by the following example of carnivores and herbivores: If herbivore like a goat is forced to eat meat then it would malnourished and eventually die. Same would be the case with carnivores if they are offered vegetables to eat.

Therefore it is recommended to never ever pump wrong fuel in your car to abstain from malfunctioning or getting your engine seized.

What happens when you mix petrol in diesel or vice versa?

While pumping your car, mixing petrol with diesel or diesel with petrol is an unconscious act that could result from minor to major severities. Somehow if two fuels get mixed then a fuel that is neither pure petrol nor pure diesel is formed.

As in the petrol engine, petrol is firstly mixed with air and is ignited afterwards, the wrong fuel could lead to severe damages to the engine and its internal combustion chamber. There could be clogs to cause damages to inject valves.

Wrong fuel recovery

Wrong fuel recovery

Petrol bowser’s nozzle is smaller than the diesel bowser and can be fit into diesel fuel inlet easily.  And diesel engine requiring greater lubrication can have a greater damage as petrol is a volatile solvent and does not provide diesel like lubrication. As a result, engine tools would get defaced by the fuel incompatibility.

Moreover, trying running automobile on wrong fuel would be heavy-on-pockets and would waste the precious time to get your car engine functioning normally.

Removing Wrong Fuel from Car

Many people around the globe, daily, fill their car fuel tanks with the wrong fuel. The reasons for wrong fuelling could be different but the main thing behind this mistake is always unconsciousness.

Following are some pieces of advice that would be helpful in removing wrong fuel from your car:

  • Keep your engine off or turn it in neutral.
  • Try pushing your car to a safe place.
  • Call the vehicle emergency service and inform them about the mistake, you have committed.

The wrong fuel drainage should be done in 15 minutes and the tank should be filled with the right fuel, then.

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