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Wrong Fueled Your Car What To Do Now?

You might feel embarrassed & annoyed at yourself if you’ve accidentally filled your car with wrong fuel but this mistake is not as uncommon as you think. Frustration will only make things go messy and you’ll end up holding a heavy bill in your hands. If it’s petrol in diesel then your car is at risk and needs immediate cleaning. Contrarily, if it’s the diesel in petrol, it can be less harmful but still requires proper draining, but in both cases you should get the wrong fuel drained from your car’s tank and engine immediately. Just put the car in neutral after pulling over to a safe place, don’t ignite the engine and get in touch with GMM1 as quickly as you can. The sooner you speak to us, better the chance of saving your car from irreparable damage.

Wrong Fuel in Car Fixed
Make:                 Volvo
Model:                V50
Area:                 Farnham, UK
Problem:              Wrong Fuel
Type:                 Car
Time of the day:      Evening
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Wrong Fuel in Car Recovery Round the Clock in London & Surrounding Areas

Wrong fueling can happen to best of drivers at any time of the day or night. GMM1 experts will leave no stone unturned to provide you with quick roadside recovery at any time. We’ll undertake the service in the most efficient manner and you’ll be able to head toward your destination within an hour.

  • 24/7 wrong fuel recovery for all types of cars.
  • All the work is carried out by qualified & experienced technicians.
  • Fully equipped wrong fuel mobile vans.
  • Prices start from £99 only.
Wrong Fuel in Car Recovery
Make:                 Toyota
Model:                RAV4
Area:                 Buckingham, UK
Problem:              Wrong Fuel
Type:                 4x4
Time of the day:      Night
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Getting Your Car Back On Road After Filling Wrong Fuel

The best way to get you back on the road is to drain the tank and get the filter cleaned or replaced. Fortunately, all these services are available at GMM1 and are done by certified wrong fuel in Car experts with years of experience in this field. This is the best way to protect your Car’s engine from damage caused by wrong fuel.

GMM1 Wrong Fuel Assist specialises
Make:                 Jaguar
Model:                XF
Area:                 Epping, UK
Problem:              Wrong Fuel
Type:                 Car
Time of the day:      Evening
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