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Wrong fuelling – a terrible mistake

Worthy tips to save your money and car engine in case of wrong fuelling

You are among one of the fewest people if you still haven’t been a prey to wrong fuelling throughout your drive-time. This is due to the reason that lots of people make this mistake each year. According to a back of the envelope calculation, around 150,000 motorists across the UK fall prey to this catch-22 each year.

Filling your tank is not as simple as it looks. Yes, you heard it right. The aftermath of wrong fuelling is even parlous as it may nip your pocket in the bud. Whether you put diesel in a patrol car or petrol into a diesel engine, one thing is certain; you would be in the danger zone. Before we move onto how wrong fuelling can clasp your peace, stop right there and don’t dare to start your engine if you have filled your tank with the incorrect type of fuel- no ifs, ands, or buts about it. In doing so, you will have to put up with the big repair bills along the way. Don’t kick off the engine and put in for someone’s help to push the vehicle to a safe place. That’s not gross, that’s how things work.

Petrol in Diesel tank

Chances of filling petrol in a diesel engine are greater as compared to putting diesel in the petrol tank. It is because of the fact that the petrol nozzles fit easily into the diesel tanks. It goes without saying that filling up your diesel tank with petrol is the most pricy mistake than filling diesel in the petrol tank. Yes, you have to pay through the nose if you have put petrol into diesel tank- no two ways about it. Be that as it may, why it is so? The answer is simple. It’s due to the reason that putting petrol in a diesel motor can get the engine blocked if it’s not given the utmost care. The thing is, when petrol is filled into the diesel engine, this medley of petrol and diesel works as a solvent breaking off the lubrication and consequently harming the pump to a great extent as the metal parts come into contact and rub each other in that case.

Right after that, a few other parts of the fuel system which are not compatible with petrol also get ruined right away. For this reason, if the engine is given a spark in this situation, the mixture of petrol and diesel will open out throughout the fuel system. As a result, the other components will get smashed as well. That being the case, there is the risk of the destruction of the entire fuel system and hefty repair bills. That’s a huge blow, isn’t it?

Diesel acts as a moisturizer and helps the fuel pump run smoothly. Petrol, contrary to diesel, works as a solvent when mixed with the diesel, and has the severe opposing reaction. This mixture will further lower down the lubrication and increases the friction between the components, causing harm to both the pump and the engine.

Diesel in the Petrol tank

Putting diesel in petrol motor is known as diesel in petrol fuelling. That being said, the petrol filler necks are comparatively smaller as compared to the diesel pump nozzles. For this case, the chances of diesel in petrol fuelling are relatively smaller than of petrol in diesel fuelling. Also, the consequences of diesel in petrol fuelling are generally knee high as compared to the opposite one.

If we spend a moment just talking about the ignition of the diesel and petrol engines, diesel engine needs to be compressed in order to get started. Contrary to this, the petrol engine requires a spark from the spark plugs for ignition. When diesel is placed inside a petrol engine, the most frequent result is the chocking up of spark plugs and fuel system and ultimately the engine won’t start. Diesel in a petrol engine can be a big mishmash, however, its aftereffects may not be as parlous as placing petrol in a diesel tank. That’s a given.

What steps to be taken immediately if you have put the wrong fuel in your car?

  1. a) After wrong fuelling, if you’re at the station until now:

Don’t turn the engine over and put the car into neutral mode straight away.

Set the car into the neutral mode and put in for someone’s aid in pushing the car to a safe place.

Contact the wrong fuel experts immediately and let them give a look-see to the situation and the extent of damage done.

  1. b) In case, you have already started driving the car:

Unfortunately, at the present moment, the damage has already been done. Be that as it may, what you get to do now is pull over somewhere safe, call the fuel drain service provider for the detailed analysis of the damage done. How to stay away from this catch-22?

Well, the first and foremost thing is that you get to prepare your home before a storm. Prevention is better than cure so with a little smart work, you can help yourself steer clear of wrong fuelling and save lots of bucks.

  1. We all make mistakes, but there are ways to reduce the chances of wrong fuelling and save yourself a considerable amount of money, time and bother:
  2. More often than not, wrong fuelling occurs when you’re filling the tank of a new car that uses a distinctive fuel compared to your previous one. It would be something very valuable getting yourself some form of reminder to help you halt if you pick out the wrong pump in any condition.
  3. Always make sure you read the pump’s label before filling up.
  4. Avoid distractions while filling up.

If you are an owner of a diesel car, it would be a wonderful idea to make use of a diesel fuel cap that will restrict petrol nozzles from being able to fit in the tank. The price of the diesel fuel cap is different for different makes and models but you can easily get it for less than £30 – a small price to pay in order to save thousands of pounds.

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