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Should I call 911? I mistakenly fill wrong fuel in my truck

An innocent yet dangerous mistake of wrong fuelling, which could drain your bank account Misfiling is one of those problems that every driver thinks, this would never happen to him and it is possible that he would put the wrong fuel in his vehicle. But after all this confidence, the same driver tricked into these […]

Filling wrong fuel in vehicle is a terrible mistake

Wrong fuel in vehicles tank is nothing less than a worst nightmare Wrong fuelling is increasingly normal then you may think. As indicated by the Automobile Association there are up to 150,000 individuals that are committing an inappropriate fuel error in the UK consistently that implies like clockwork there is somebody that is filling its […]

Diesel in Petrol – is it a serious problem?

Diesel in petrol tank not just cost u more than a new engine but also time taking process as well Wrong fuelling is a serious issue in any case but on the bases of the engine technology it becomes more serious luckily, adding diesel in petrol is comparatively a less worst error as compared to […]

How slip-up of wrong fuelling of diesel in petrol tank can empty your pockets?

An innocent mistake of filling diesel in petrol tank, which cost you more than money All mistakes has cost, few cost you with cash and a few take your mental peace while wrong fuelling of is one of those errors who could cost you with both, no matter you fill diesel in petrol or petrol […]

I mistakenly wrong fuelled my vehicle, what now?

A guide, in case of wrong fuelling In the UK, it is a standout amongst the most confounding systems at fuel stations where just single filling machine works for a wide range of powers accessible on the fuel station and has various spouts separated with various hues. Most of the drivers got confounded when they […]

How mishap of wrong fuelling can empty cash out of your pocket?

A mix-up which cost you more than a main part of the cash Each mix-up has its cost, few cost you with cash and a few take your psychological harmony while wrong fuelling is one of those mix-ups who could cost you with both. It could clearly cost you with a great deal of cash […]