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Save Your Money, Time and Energy with the Help of Worthy Tips for Wrong Fuelling

Mistake of wrong fuelling will not be horrible if you know what to do and how to deal the situation Every mistake has its cost, few cost you with money and some takes your mental peace while wrong fuelling is one of those mistakes who could cost you with both. It could surely cost you […]

Should I call 911? I mistakenly fill wrong fuel in my truck

An innocent yet dangerous mistake of wrong fuelling, which could drain your bank account Misfiling is one of those problems that every driver thinks, this would never happen to him and it is possible that he would put the wrong fuel in his vehicle. But after all this confidence, the same driver tricked into these […]

Ways to know how you have been stuck in the catch-22 of Contaminated Fuel? Read this

Fuel be the rudimentary requirement of Vehicle Fuel is the food of a vehicle’s engine. Efficient performance of the engine for a long time can only be expected after filling your car’s fuel tank with a pure and clear fuel. If the fuel is not pure, then expecting a good mile average is just a […]

The Damages of Wrong Fuelling are really hazardous

Petrol in Diesel or Diesel in Petrol, both can destroy your engine Wrong Fuelling, as the name depicts, is the curse that can lead to a complete engine failure. The increasing cases of incorrect fuelling are directly connected to the increase in diesel-based cars. Before we move on to the hazards of wrong fuelling, let’s […]

Types and effects of wrong fuelling

Don’t panic if you have put the wrong fuel in your car! Wrong fuelling means putting the wrong type of fuel in your car either petrol in a diesel engine or diesel in a petrol engine. Putting wrong fuel in the car is a pretty common mistake that motorist make. Just about 150,000 motorists all […]

The time, when a small mistake start draining money from your pocket

Wrong fuelling could be worst then road accident Misfuelling or wrong fuelling are both the names of the same thing. No matter how simple these words may appear, the practical occurrence of them can be a disaster. People tend not to give significant attention towards this aspect and thus end up putting the wrong fuel […]